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Metin Kerem, MD

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04 Sep

It is the best feeling in the world to give birth, however it also does feel good to be able to erase the traces this process leaves behind: Tummy Tuck   Tummy tuck procedure has been becoming more and more popular these days. There are a couple of reasons behind it. One of these reasons ..

03 Sep

Bridal Plasty   Every bride wants to look their best in their wedding, some brides want permanent changes before their weddings. But you need to really consider what’s best for you and take these into consideration:   Do you need this for your wedding or a lifetime This is a..

24 Jan

Stem cell treatment and stem cell enriched fat grafting Stem cells are the main actors of the unbelievable self-renewal and production capacity in the human body. They have the extraordinary ability to transform themselves into any specialized cell type in the body. They can rejuvenate, reproduce..

20 Nov

This is the most effective non-surgical single session treatment for armpit sweating. Thermi-Dry heats up the sweat glands to a temperature which damages them permanently, ending up with a dry armpit. It’s performed under local anesthesia, and takes about an hour. Some swelling and soreness is..

20 Nov

As its name simply tells, Thermi Lift (Thermi Tight) is a tissue tighteningsystem. It’s used mainly for non surgical face lifting, non surgical neck lifting and tightening the loose areas in the body (e.g. arms, inner thighs, abdomen). A thermi lift session for the face and neck is completed i..

20 Nov

In order to treat the mimic-induced fine wrinkles, injection applications are used very frequently and effectively all around the world today. One drawback of this, is the need to repeat the injections every 4 to 6 months. Because the injected toxin can block the nerves only for a temporary perio..