Breast Lift

Just like all of the soft tissues in the human body, breast tissue may loosen and sag within time.

Weight changes, pregnancy and lactation make breast tissue loose its firmness and projection quicker. The resulting deformity is called “breast ptosis”. In a ptotic breast, the problem is generally downward displacement of the breast volume and a relative enlargement of the “skin envelope”. Due to skin sagging, the nipple-areola complex shifts to the lower pole of the breast.

To correct such a deformity, a surgical operation called “mastopexy” is employed. A mastopexy is simply restoring the youthful breast shape, removing the excess skin and moving the nipple – areola complex to the desired position. This operation can be combined with reduction or augmentation of breast size, if needed. Depending on the changes to be done, the procedure takes 1 to 3 hours. One-night hospital stay may be needed. The patients return to daily activities within a week. Just like the other aesthetic operations, final result becomes clear by the end of a year.