Can Fillers Have a Lift Effect on Face?

The application of the fillers on the nose, cheeks, chin, or eyebrows is used to achieve the aesthetically desired appearance and reshape&define the face. This filling material helps giving volume to some specific areas on the face, for example, cheekbones and jawline. When cheekbones are filled with fillers and raised, it creates the illusion that the face has a more lifted look. This is also a similar issue for the jawline when the jowls seem a bit loose, filling the sides of the jaw, mandibles, basically different target spots around the jawline help ending up with a better definition of that area and this creates a tighter illusion.

The cheekbone filling technique is one of the most effective methods in aesthetic surgery to have a lift effect where the cheekbone area is plumped and the cheeks are shaped and made to look slimmer, as the cheekbones are raised, the cheeks tend to look deflated. Cheekbone fillers help the face look younger by lifting the face. It reveals the shape of the nose, and balances the forehead and chin proportion. It has a shorter lasting period compared to the surgical approaches.


Cheekbone fillers can be performed by both surgical and noninvasive operations(hyaluronic acid injection or fat injection). Cheekbone fillers applied by injections offer a practical and fast solution to the aesthetic concerns on the face, however, this is temporary. The deflation in the cheekbone area can be successfully treated through injectables that take around 15 minutes. This type of injection contains hyaluronic acid.

After the cheekbone filling procedure, mild edema or redness may occur on face. The redness will disappear within a few hours and the edema will disappear spontaneously within a few days. Through a successful application of fillers, the face can achieve a much more elegant, feminine appearance. Because cheekbones play an important role in the facial anatomy. This provides a better balance to face, a better definition, and most certainly a younger appearance.


Edema may occur in the days after fillers. In the case of edema, the patient achieves the final appearance in around 7 days. The filler material generally stays on the face around 6 months to 1 year. Its’ substances are absorbed by the body and disappear over time. However, the surgical facelift approach will be the right choice for patients who want a longer-lasting effect.