Can rhinoplasty go wrong?

Yes, if you are not operated under skilful, safe hands, of course the surgery can go wrong. However, no rhinoplasty surgery result can be %100 perfect, because surgeons are not robots, plus the anatomy of the patient effects the results immensely as well. The most important issue here is to keep the results as natural as possible, this really helps keeping things intact and to end up with succesful results.

When it comes to anatomy of the patient, poor skin quality is an issue, this means the tissues inside your nose might not heal, this has nothing to do with your surgeon’s skills but more about your genes. Removing too much cartilage from the nose really weakens the skeleton structure of the nose, it is very important to keep the nose strong while changing the nose structure, a strong skeleton prevents nose from collapsing.

Revision rhinoplasty is the one of the most challenging surgeries of all times, each time a nose is operated, the surgery is likely to fail more, so it is important to ask this question: is it worth it? Right after rhinoplasty surgery your nose will look swelled, do not let this trick you because it will take sometime for your nose to settle and heal, this does not mean your results are bad.

Some examples of a deformed rhinoplasty surgery:

– Very upturned looking nose
– Pinched tip look
– Collapsing of the nose
– Supratip deformity
– Breathing problems Infection

Working with a skilled surgeon is very crucial, most of these issues are related to cartilage problems, when too much cartilage is removed from the nose tip and nose bridge, this creates issues on both outer and inner parts of the nose.

Having a revision rhinoplasty sounds disappointing but even if you decide to revise your surgery, you should not go through a revision rhinoplasty surgery unless 1 year has been completed.

While deciding on your surgeon, specifically mention the issues bother you the most and have an open&transparent communication with your surgeon. If both of you are not on the same page, then search your options more.

Op. Dr. Metin Kerem, Gazi Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi mezunudur. İhtisas eğitimini Ankara Numune Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastenesi 2. Plastik Cerrahi kliniğinde tamamlamıştır. 2008 yılında European Board of Plastic Surgery (EBOPRAS) tarafından Avrupa Birliği estetik plastik cerrahi yeterliliğine layık görüldü. Şuan da Etiler de özel kliniğinde hastalarınıza hizmet vermektedir.