Can The Face Look Natural After Facelift Surgery?

Can The Face Look Natural After Facelift Surgery?

Skin tightening, facial-lifting surgery, which is becoming more popular each day, is the definite permanent solution for patients who seek a solution for skin laxity and loss of volume on the face. Contrary to what is known; facelift surgeries do not make the face lose its authenticity when it is performed under safe hands.

The aging appearance and skin laxity caused by the sagginess of the face can be corrected by this surgical facelift surgery. During this process, it is very much likely to achieve a natural appearance with an elegant fresh look due to newly developed techniques and breakthroughs in the plastic surgery department.

Contrary to what facelift is known in public, it is actually a surgery that can help the face to achieve a nice natural look. This surgery can help bring back the loss of volume and can turn back time to what you would look like 10 years ago. Of course, the results will only be very satisfactory when performed by a successful surgeon.


The durability of the results of facelift surgery varies according to the anatomy of the patient and the extensivity of the surgery. In facelift surgery, the durability of the results depends if the patient has a healthy lifestyle and does not consume alcohol or smoke much.

Apart from this, protecting your face from the sun is a must too. It is also extremely important to moisturize the skin and have a skincare routine weekly. There is no certainty that it will be permanent for 10-15 years after surgery, it can be longer or shorter.

Face Lift Anatomy


Just like any other surgery, there is a healing period as the skin needs to recover. Recently, thanks to the improvement in plastic surgery techniques, and the minimization of tissue damage with these special techniques, the healing process of the patients has been accelerated. It is possible to return to daily life 10 days after discharge from the hospital. The bruising on face starts to decrease after 48-72 hours, but the swelling stays around the face for around 1 month and starts to slowly go down in time. After a week or 10 days, patients can go back to work and their daily routine. It takes around 1 year to see the complete end result.

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