Face Lift Turkey

What is a Face Lift?

Facelift is the general name given to a group of operations which address the sagging of facial tissues over time. A facelift can be done in different sub-units like the upper face, temples, mid-face, lower face, and neck. In every single part of this procedure, according to the depth of the deformity, we add or drop some of these sub-units from the list. And at the end of the day, we have a road map in our hands and we begin to perform what was planned in the pre-operation consultation.


Facelift threading is a simplified way of lifting tissues without doing an open surgery according to some surgeons. Threads can be introduced through very tiny holes in the scalp or in the neck or whichever area we want to lift. And through some long needles, the threads are sent down and then the threads are pulled upwards, ending up with a knot under the skin. And of course, this does not last as long as a traditional or a surgical facelift. It has a temporary lift effect on the face.

Mini Facelift

The mini facelift is a variant of traditional facelift. In a mini facelift, usually, the same scar incisions like a traditional facelift are used. However, the scars tend be shorter and the layers of the face are not elevated completely. Rather than elevating and reposing the facial layers, in mini facelift, we generally like to pull the face with some deep stiches.

Lower Facelift

A lower facelift is a procedure generally addresses the jaws, jawline, and neck. In the lower facelift procedure, the scar usually starts around the ear and then we go underneath the skin and elevate the skin all the way down to the jawline. The neck is also undermined and the tissues are reposed according to the wish results we want to get out of this surgery. After repositioning the tissues, they are fixed in their new places and the skin cover is redraped. This is basically how we perform the lower facelift surgery. But of course, in order to get a succesful result from a lower facelift surgery, we definetly need to do something for the neck as well, because you cannot seperate the neck from the lower face vice a versa.

Liquid Facelift

A liquid facelift is not exactly a facelift. It is actually a set of injections. This generally addresses to revolumize the face, replace the lost volume and to end up with higher standing tissues by the help of the underlying volumetric changes. So, liquid facelift is only done by injections of fillers which can also be referred as liquid facelift.

Facelift Procedure

The facelift is a procedure starts with a proper evaluation of the patient before the operation. We need to understand the desires of the patient and we need to clear out what can be done and what cannot. The surgeon and the patient should definetly be on the same page in order to have a happy ending. Generally, the procedure addresses to different areas of the face and also the to-do-list of the surgeon is more detailed than the to-do-list of the patient because there are a lot of factors that need to be considered which affects the overall beauty of the face. So, after a detailed consultation, the procedure starts in the operating theatre.

Depending on the details of the surgery and the extent of the procedure, it can take 2 to 6 or even 8 hours. So, if a complete facelift is being performed, involving the midface, upper, lower face and neck, this generally takes more than 6 hours under general anesthesia and this kind of a facelift procedure requires 2 nights of hospital stay. But, if we are perfoming something more simple, like a combination of upper blepharoplasty together with a mid facelift only, or a temple lift combined with a mid facelift or just a simplified neck lift alone, then, this procedure shall take shorter like around 2-3 hours, even might not require a hospital stay.

How to Facelift at Home?

You can not lift your face at home. It is that simple. 🙂

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Facelift?

Pricing of a facelift usually depends on what will be done and the surgeon’s experience. In a detailed facelift procedure, if we want to address all the areas of the face, of course, the costs are going to be much higher. If it is just a single area of the face, the cost might be much lower than expected. But generally, there are more than one area to be involved, so the pricing depends on the extent of the procedure that is planned.

What is the Best Age for Facelift?

There is no ideal age for a facelift. The best age for a facelift is when the deformities occur on face. The face can encounter an early deformity, or the deformities on face might not even be age related. These type of deformities can sometimes require an early intervention when the patients are around their 20s or 30s. But generally, age related problems tend to show themselves, after the late 30s or early 40s. A patient in their early 40s might require simpler interventions but if we are speaking about a patient who is around their 60s, or late 50s, the procedure might become more invasive and extensive. But of course there is no such rule, and what needs to be performed depends on the genetic background or race as well. Even the patient is around their 60s, sometimes we do not need to make a very detailed procedure to deal with the aging face.

How Long Does the Effect of a Facelift Last?

The effect of a facelift usually lasts very long. You cannot give a certain time for that. In my opinion, it is basically forever. Of course, we do take back time and gain back the loss of volume however the body is going on aging every single second. The more you age, of course the more the effects of facelift will fade away slowly in the very long term but you can never give a certain time. When I look at my own patients, I have never done any facelift revision before 10 years. But also, a 10 year time period is actually good time phrase for a revision if needed. But the message here is NOT that, facelift surgery lasts 10 years, it can last way longer or shorter too…

Does It Facelift Make You Look Younger?

Of course, facelift makes the patient look younger and more beautiful. Because, as in recent years, the concept of facelift has changed. The aim is to beautify the face while also lifting it. So, facelift does not only address to the age related issues but it addresses to the concept of beautification as well. If you are being operated under safe hands, the aim here will be to look younger and more beautiful. Of course, age related deformities have the priority while dealing with a facelift patient.

How Painful is Facelift?

A facelift surgery is not painful at all. Because it is performed under general anesthesia. No physical pain is felt, but due to swelling and bruising patients can feel discomfort after the surgery. The bandage that needs to be worn after surgery can cause pressure on face but no severe pain or sharp pain is felt.

Is 60’s Too Old for Facelift?

No age is too old for a facelift as long as you are healthy enough to undergo general anesthetic.   

Op. Dr. Metin Kerem, Gazi Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi mezunudur. İhtisas eğitimini Ankara Numune Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastenesi 2. Plastik Cerrahi kliniğinde tamamlamıştır. 2008 yılında European Board of Plastic Surgery (EBOPRAS) tarafından Avrupa Birliği estetik plastik cerrahi yeterliliğine layık görüldü. Şuan da Etiler de özel kliniğinde hastalarınıza hizmet vermektedir.