How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Wear Makeup?

How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Wear Makeup?

During the first week following rhinoplasty, the nose is hidden under a cast, so, it is not very appropriate to use make-up during this period. But after a week post surgery, you can start doing make-up. Meaning, make-up can be applied after removal of the facial plaster. You should still be gentle while applying make up, especially while putting foundation over nose post rhinoplasty surgery. Your face can still be a bit swelled 7 days post surgery, contouring&shading might help creating the illusion of minimizing swelled areas.


Bruising is very common post rhinoplasty surgery, once the cast is removed, one can wear concealer to hide the bruising, however 7 days post surgery the bruising left on skin will be minimal depending on each case.


It is also very important not to wet the cast on your nose because it might become displaced and this could jeopardize the healing process.

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But one should also be careful about skin care routine as well as applying make-up. Gently cleansing face(without touching or pressuring the nose) while removing make up or as a part of skin care routine around 10 days after rhinoplasty is recommended, it is also advised to use moistruzer around 10 days post surgery which would help avoiding skin breakouts. Your skin can react to having such an operation, therefore it is important to apply skincare regime.

One should also be extra careful while exposing themselves to sun. After rhinoplasty procedure, it is advised to wear sunscreen and to stay away from the sun.

It is also not recommended to have chemical peeling or any kind of laser treatment until 3 months of healing process is completed.

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