Arm and Thigh Lift

Massive weight loss leads to skin and soft tissue sagging in many areas around the body. The abdomen, breasts, arms and thighs are generally the first areas to be deformed. Even though some patients with mildly sagging arms or thighs may benefit from simple methods like laser lipolysis or liposuction, most of the patients need open surgical correction and re-tailoring of the sagging tissues.

This kind of surgical corrections end up with satisfactory results, but of course leave some linear scars in the armpits or medial thighs. These scars become less visible within time, but do never disappear completely. Here, the patient needs to make a decision between the deformity and some fine scars.

Most of the time, patients with significant deformities prefer the scars, and think it’s cost-effective. Healing period of the arm or thigh lift operations depends on the patient’s profile. Severe deformities and overweight patients tend to have longer healing periods, which are less than two weeks for the worst case.

Legs are the third most visible part of a female body, following the face and hands.

On the other hand, the legs make up half of the body silhouette. Thus, they are of major importance in overall body aesthetics. Elegant leg contours significantly improve the whole body image.

Legs are detailed and complicated anatomic structures. Generally long, slim legs with proper curves are accepted to be beautiful. In an ideal leg, the buttock and thigh should be sharply distinguished, there shouldn’t be excess fat in outer and inner thighs, the medial knees should be flat and straight, and the lower leg curve should nicely end up with a slim ankle.

This architecture is sometimes deformed as a result of gaining weight, aging or sometimes genetic background. For a deformed leg, the general approach is “to remove the excess fat from over-prominent areas, and to fill up the deficient areas”. The excess fat is removed with liposuction or laser liposuction, and the deficient areas are filled with fat grafts or silicone implants.

As the needs of each patient are different from each other, it’s difficult to give general treatment rules and periods. Simply the patients can return to work within 3 to 7 days, but the final outcome needs at least 6 months to appear.