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Overview of the Neck Lift Surgery

The neck lift surgery is a surgical procedure which helps getting rid of the excess skin around the neck, diminishing the double chin issue. This treatment is a solution to patient who suffer from neck wrinkles and sagginess, also, loss of definition around the lower face.

Going through a neck lift surgery can definetly provide rejuvenation for the overall face, ending up with a more youthful appearance. The neck lift surgery will aid patients who look older than their actual age, just because of the saggy neck skin. The neck lift surgery will create a defined jawline&neck contour and will improve signs of aging as well.

The ideal candidates for a neck lift surgery should:

-Have a stable weight.

-Have realistic expectations about what can be achieved.(This treatment does not correct jowling issues.)

-Have a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking and consumption of alcohol. The Ideal Candidate

In order to decide if you are an ideal candidate for such procedure should first be evaluated by your surgeon during your face to face consultation. Yes, the patient can have concerns but it all comes down to the surgeon analyzing that patient’s facial anatomical features to fully understand if they would benefit from this procedure or not.

Generally, for the neck lift surgery, patients ages range from mid 40s to 50s. However, this can change because it all comes down to the laxity of the skin. Because of genetic factors, patients who are younger can go through a neck lift surgery as well.

Just like any other surgical procedure, a patient who aims to go through a neck lift surgery should have a healthy lifestyle. For example, if a patient is a smoker, the healing process will be longer. In some cases, smoking might even form complications such as restricting blood circulation and scar quality issues while healing.

Another important factor that comes into play is the weight. The patient should have a stable weight for the results to last longer. If the patient has a continuous shift for their weight, then it will not be possible to maintain the results. Because, it will cause the facial skin to stretch.

Mental healthy is key during the healing process, because there will be days where the patient will not like the image they see in the mirror, due to swelling etc. This can change their mood and as a result, a negative mindset might delay the outcome.


Getting Ready for the Neck Lift Procedure

Step by Step Preparation for the Neck Lift Surgery

The patient will be going through a series of health tests before the surgery to make sure they are eligible for recieving anesthesia or not.

The patient might need to stop some supplements or medications they are taking in order not to intervene the surgical or the healing process such as the risk of increased bleeding.

The patient might need some adjustments within their lifestyles, such as, to stop smoking. Because smoking will delay the healing and might even cause complications. Alcohol consumptions right before and after the surgery will increase oedema as well.

Adapting to a healthier eating habits will speed up the healing and swelling. Staying hydrated and following a healthy diet with rich nutritions and protein will be beneficial during the healing process as well.


The patient should prepare themselves for their expectations of the outcome. If the patient is familiar with what to anticipate then they will have less worry while preparing for surgery.

What Happens During the Initial Consultation?

The surgeon will evaluate your medical background and state any issues that might create a problem for the surgery. The surgeon will also do a close examination of the patient’s full facial anatomy and inform the patient about what can be achieved or not. Next, the patient will discuss their desires and outcome, while doing this, the patient should be as transparent as possible so that they both can have an open conversation and the surgeon can inform the patient about what to really expect. Moving forward, the surgeon will inform the patient about the steps of the surgery, anesthesia and what to expect during the recovery together with the potential risk and complications about the surgery.


The Neck Lift Procedure; Step by Step

Pre-operative preparations: Once the patient arrives to the hospital, they will check in to the hospital and will be guided to their room. Once, the patient is settled in their room, the nurse will come in and check vital signs, insert the IV cannula and prepare the patient for the anesthesia.

Later, the surgeon will come in and mark the surgical area in order to indicate the incisions and the adjustments. After that, the surgeon will go to the O.R to get prepared. Once the patient and the O.R. is ready, the patient will be taken to the O.R. and will see the surgical staff, anesthesia team and the surgeon as well. Then, the anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia. This type of surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The anesthesiologist will monitor the patient’s vital signs and regulate the level of anesthesia for patient’s safety and comfort.

The Surgical Process:

The process starts with the incisions. Now, there are 2 different techniques that are applied here, one is used for mini neck lift and the other is a more extended version. During the mini neck lift treatment, the incision is made right under the chin and the excess tissues&fat are removed.

During the extended version of the neck lift, the incisions are made behind the ears and extend towards the neck. This helps removing the bulging issue around the jawline as well creating a more defined look.

After the excess tissues are removed, the muscles and the remaining muscles are tightened and adjusted. And this helps us ending up with a more defined jawline.

Once this is all done, the incision area is with sutures closed. These sutures are generally dissolvable depending on the case. This typical procedure lasts around 2 to 3 hours.

As soon as the surgery finishes, the patient is taken to the reanimation room to wake up and then will be guided to their room.


Recovery after the Neck Lift Surgery

Day 1: The night of the surgery, the patient will stay in the hospital and their acute healing will be tracked by the nurses. The next morning, they will discharged once they recieve their medication. The patient will have a compression garment around the head which will be removed on the 7th or the 10th post op day.

Day 2: As the anesthesia will continue to wear off, slight pain and soreness can be encountered. The pain medication will help easing the discomfort. The neck and the face will start to swell up and bruising will start to be seen.

Day 3: On the 3rd post op day, the patient will have their first check up at the clinic. The swelling and bruising will begin to reduce from the 3rd day.


Day 7: Final check up until the post op 1 month stage will be done. Most of the bruising will be gone but the swelling will continue to appear.

First month: No more bruising will be left and the patient can return to their daily activities and even light exercises or jogging. It is important to wear sunscreen at all times for wound protection. Although it will be less, the swelling will continue to appear.

Three months: The swelling be decreasing and the final results will start to be seen, the neck angle will become sharper and the jawline will become more defined. Although slower, the healing will continue up to 1 year.


Risks and Complications after Neck Lift Surgery


Just like any other surgery, the neck lift has its own risks as well. It is important to know these potential risks so that the patient can mentally prepare themselves.

-Infection: Hygenic post-op care is very crucial here.

-Allergic reaction to anesthesia: Although rarely, some patients don’t react well to anesthesia, just in case this might occur, the patient needs to spend the night at the hospital after the surgery, to be on the safe side.

-Bleeding: Hematoma can occur in some cases, if that is the case, it might need to be drained out during the acute recovery of the healing.

-Scarring: Post-op wound care can affect the scarring, keeping the area sterile, applying proper wound care and staying away from sun exposure will prevent this from happening.

-Nerve Injury: Temporary nerve injury can very rarely be encountered and this would recover within a couple of months.

How to minimize such risks?

  • A detailed medical background check and specific evaluation for that patient’s case is key in order to prevent risks from happening.
  • Immediate post-op surgical care after the surgery is critically
  • The patient also must be instructed so that, they can foresee any potential


Results and Expectations after Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift surgery will help correcting issues around the jawline, creating a more defined and youthful outcome for the overall neck&jawline appereance. However, having realistic expectations for the result of the surgery has significant importance when it comes to patient satisfaction.

Immediate Results: Of course, due to swelling and bruising, we cannot expect the final outcome to show itself within a few weeks after surgery. Healing takes time and patience.

Long-Term Results: The final result will start to show itself after a couple of months once the swelling subsides. The neck and the jawline will start to look more defined within a couple of months after the neck lift surgery.

What kind of Results to Expect?

The aim to have a neck lift surgery is to;

Have that double chin bulge removed, Tighter jawline,

A better defined neck

Reduction of the excess fat and skin tissues. How to Handle What to Expect?


First of all, it is important for the patient to have realistic goals. This treatment is performed to achieve that specific patient’s best version of themselves, so having improvement is key. Let’s not forget the fact that this treatment cannot completely diminish signs of aging. It only helps to have an improved definition of a specific area which is the jawline&neck and double chin. Of course, the results depends from patient to patient. For example, if the patient is overweight, the improvement will not be as visible as it would be on a thinner patient.

How to Maintain the Neck Lift Results?

  • Having a stable weight is very important, if the patient keeps gaining and losing weight, the neck tissue will become loose.

2-A healthy lifestyle is a must, smoking and drinking would have a negative effect on the results in the long term.

3-Having a skincare regimen might also help extending the longevity of the results.


Frequently Asked Questions about Neck Lift Surgery

  • What is the best age for having a neck lift surgery?

There is no best age for this surgery to be exact. However, generally patients around their 30 to mid 40s prefer this surgery. However, it can also be performed on younger patients due to genetic disadvantages. For older patients, the neck lift is extension of face lift surgery. Because as we age, the area of the loose skin around the face becomes larger.

  • Is mini neck lift better than standard neck lift surgery?

Both have good results on different patients, this depends on what the patient actually needs. If the patient has a small pouch right under the chin then, they would be a good candidate for a mini neck lift surgery, on the other hand, if the excess skin or fat is distributed around the jawline, then a neck lift shall be performed.

  • How is the neck lift surgery performed?

There are 2 alternative answers to this question; one type of incision is created right under the chin and the other is around the ears towards the chin. The second one is more extensive.

Through these incisions, the excess tissue is removed and the muscles are tightened and repositioned to a higher level ending up with a defined jawline.

  • Is the neck lift surgery painful?

Most patients only feel soreness after the surgery, as the patients will be given painkillers, pain will be managed.

  • How long is the recovery for a neck lift surgery?

The final results will start to be seen after 3 months, although will become slower, the healing will still continue. However, the patients can return to their daily routine 10 days after the surgery. But, the swelling will continue to exist. It will gradually decrease until around the 3rd month post op.

  • Am I a good candidate for neck lift surgery?

This should be discussed between you and your surgeon, it is crucial to have a detailed face to face consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

  • How long is the neck lift surgery?

The neck lift surgery lasts about 2 to 3 hours.

  • What is the recovery like for neck lift surgery?

The patient will be bruised and swelled for the first 10 days. The bruising will wear off after 10 days, however the swelling will continue to exist and will be visible until the first month post surgery. And gradually it will become less and less. The patient can return do daily activities and can start doing light cardio exercises from post-op 10 days. However, the patient shouldn’t swim until the post-op 1 month stage. The patient shouldn’t do weight lifting or heavy exercises until 2 months have been passed since surgery. No facial massage until 1 month post surgery.

  • How to manage potential complications for a neck lift surgery?


Choosing a board certified plastic surgeon will decrease these risks as they will be very experienced to carry out this surgical process. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will decrease such risks as well. It is also important to follow your surgeon’s instructions post surgery.

  • When will I see results of the neck lift surgery?

The results will start to show from the 3rd month on as the swelling will keep decreasing.

  • What should I expect immediately after the neck lift surgery?

Right after the surgery, you will feel dizziness and soreness. The face will start to swell up and get bruised. You will be wearing a facial garment in order to prevent swelling as much as possible.

  • Where will the scars be located of a neck lift surgery? Are the scars permanent?

The scars are permanent however they become very faded once 1 year of healing process is completed, The scars are either around the ears or under the chin.

  • What type of anesthesia is used during a neck lift surgery? General anesthesia is used during neck lift surgery.
  • When can I fly back home after the neck lift?

You can fly back home after 10 days after the surgery.

  • Can a neck lift surgery correct the double chin issue?

The neck lift surgery can definetly correct the double chin issue, this treatment aims to create a better definition for the jawline.

  • When can I resume exercises after a neck lift surgery?

You can start easy cardio and light exercises 10-15 days after the surgery, however no weight lifting or heavy aggressive until 2 months post op. You can swim 1 month after the surgery.

  • How long should I take off from work after a neck lift surgery? The patient can return to work 10 days after the surgery.
  • How much is a neck lift surgery?

The neck lift surgery prices in our clinic range from 3465 euros to 4500 euros.

  • How can I find out pricing for my neck lift surgery?

You can contact our team in order to find out about the exact cost of the neck lift surgery.

  • What is the likehood of experience a complication after a neck lift surgery?

Mostly patients only encounter complications like bruising and swelling, which are part of the healing process and this is a temporary issue.

  • How can I prepare myself for my neck lift surgery consultation?

First, it would be best to decide on what your desires are and whether your goals are realistic or not. Knowing details about your medical background will help the surgeon guide you easier through the process. Also, you should prepare questions about what to expect and how the surgery will be carried out.

  • What can I do to reduce risks for my neck lift surgery?

It is important to have a healthy lifestyle before the surgery and make sure to maintain it after. Drinking and smoking do have negative effects on the recovery and the surgery itself.

  • How can I maintain my results in the long term for the neck lift surgery?

You should have a stable weight after the surgery because continious weight change will start stretching the skin and eventually, the skin might become loose.

  • What if I am not satisfied with my neck lift results?

A revision surgery can be planned if necessary. You should contact your surgeon’s team and they will guide you through the process. In some cases, minor revisions can be performed.


  • What kind of risks or complications to be expected after a neck lift surgery?

Most patients go through swelling and bruising after the surgey, which are the top common issues that every patient experience after the surgery as these are stages of the healing itself. In rare cases, reactions to anesthesia, hematoma and infection might occur.

  • How long does neck lift surgery results last?

Although neck lift surgery is permanent, as we age, of course the skin will continue to become lax bit by bit, it is up to the patient to maintain the results by having a healthy lifestyle and a stable weight. This typical surgery would last around 10 to 15 years.

  • How are the complications of a neck lift surgery handled if they occur?

Immediate action will be taken. For instance if hematoma occured, the blood will be drained immediately. Your surgeon will guide you all the way through the healing process.

  • What are the signs of complications should I watch for after a neck lift surgery?

If you feel excessive pain or have sudden discharge, you should contact your surgeon.

  • Will I need another neck lift surgery in the future? Also, can neck lift be combined with other surgeries?

Some patients do want to have revision in order to extend the longevity of the results. But, this depends on patient’s choice and the natural aging process. It is common to combine neck lift with other surgeries such as chin implant in order to give a better projection to the jawline and/or brow lift&mid facelift surgeries which helps giving an overall glow to face.

  • What does it mean to have realistic expectations for a neck lift surgery?

Realistic expectations mean the limits of the surgery and what can be achieved. The patient should be well aware that this surgery will only improve that specific surgical area and not the whole face as well as it won’t stop the natural aging process.