Reminders For The Operation

  1. It is recommended to quit smoking as early as possible before the operation. You MUST not smoke at least 3 days before the operation. Smoking will not only have a negative effect on the blood circulation in the operated area, but also will effect the quality of the scar. It will also increase the secretions in your lungs, and lead to coughing in the post-op, interfering with your post-operative comfort
  2. Please stop consuming the following in order to minimize the bleeding during operation:
  • 10 days before the operation: Aspirin and any other tablets containing Acetyl Salycilic Acid or other anticoagulants, Vitamin E
  • 7 days before the operation: Alcoholic beverages and green tea

3 . As your surgery will be performed under general anesthesia, your stomach should be totally empty when you’re admitted into the operating theatre. That is why you have to stop eating&drinking ANYTHING(even water) 6 hours before the operation.

4. Your accompanion in the hospital should not be more than 1 person.

5. Please choose comfortable soft clothes to wear at the hospital. Prefer zipped or buttoned tops instead of hoodies.

6. You have to be at the hospital at least 2 hours before your surgery. So that, your pre- operative tests will be run on time and your operation will begin as it is planned. Once you are in the hospital, please tell the receptionist your name and you will be operated by Dr. Metin Kerem. The hospital staff will guide you to your private room and arrange all the rest.

7. After you are guided to your room, your blood samples will be collected, your tests will be run and you will be examined by the anaesthesiologist. Please inform the anaesthesiologist as you have informed us regarding your heatlh background(diseases, medication, smoking, allergies etc.)

8. Rarely, there might be a delay in your operation time, due to emergencies or preparation of the operating theatre. We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding.

9. As you’ll need to rest after your operation, we do not want to bother you with payment procedures after surgery. Therefore, the payment procedures have to be completed before you’re admitted into the operating theatre.

10. It is not recommended for you to drive after you are discharged. Please travel by taxi, or transfer service back to your home/hotel. If necessary, you can ask for our team’s assistance on this.

11. Your treatment plan may change after Dr. Kerem gets to see you in person and analyze your case closely.

12. In case of any emergency, please reach one of the numbers below:

International Patient Coordinator: Ferve Aksu: 0090 533 426 3226


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