Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatment and stem cell enriched fat grafting

Stem cells are the main actors of the unbelievable self-renewal and production capacity in the human body. They have the extraordinary ability to transform themselves into any specialized cell type in the body. They can rejuvenate, reproduce, reform and refresh human tissues.

Stem cells are present in many tissues, however, latest research proved that the greatest stem cell density is found in fatty tissue. Stem cells are are situated as “pericytes” (satellite cells) around the fat cells. After harvesting the fatty tissue by liposuction, a hi-tech “stem cell isolation procedure” is undertaken to isolate the “stromal vascular fraction – SVF” which is the stem-cell rich fraction of the harvested tissue. This is done by a special kit, which uses the patient’s own tissues, no foreign bodies.

When stem cells are used in combination with traditional fat transfer procedures (stem cell enriched fat grafting), they optimise the results by their capacity to heal, brighten and tighten the skin. This state-of-the-art procedure takes traditional fat transfer treatment to the next level by benefiting from patient’s own stem cells to maximise the endurance of the results. Through this procedure, patients can refresh the loss of volume in different areas of the face, give a contoured look to specific facial zones, reduce the appearance of wrinkles&aging, boost the skin quality and end up with a more youthful appearance.

Stem cells can upgrade the results by creating a strengthened natural blood supply to the treated area. This procedure will upgrade the quality and appearance of the skin, compared to a classical fat transfer procedure.  Areas that commonly lose volume over time can be perfectly treated through this procedure, such as the temples, cheekbones, nasolabials, jawline and under eyes. The stem cell enriched fat can be used in combination with thread suspensions, or traditional face-lift methods. Ideally, the treatment should be customised on a patient-oriented basis.

After a stem cell enriched fat transfer procedure, swelling and bruising can occur. These issues resolve around a week and patients can return to their daily lives within 5-6 days.

Just like many other disciplines of medicine, stem cells are the future of facial rejuvenation and aesthetic medicine.