What is a Mini Face Lift?

The mini facelift is known as a less invasive kind of facelift surgery. Facelift is an extensive surgery where different combinations of procedures, such as neck lift, temple lift, eyelid lift(blepharoplasty), mid facelift, lower facelift etc. can also be performed together.

A mini facelift can be defined as a less complex application that targets the early signs of facial aging. The biggest difference of a mini facelift from a full facelift is that it is effects a smaller area on face. The incision is significantly shorter and soft tissue output is minimal.

The mini facelift surgery is performed by using minimal incisions to remove sagging and deformations caused by aging in the middle face and chin. In this surgery, the incisions are stored within natural curves and on the hairline, so that no visible scars remain.

This operation does not address mostly neck related issues. This may be appropriate for younger patients who are just beginning to develop laxity on the skin. If the correct indication matches the correct candidate, the results can be fascinating. It can be a good choice for younger patients who do not need a full facelift. However, if a patient needs a more extensive surgery such as a full facelift, this operation will be insufficient.

To be able to perform the ideal mini facelift surgery, the plastic surgeon should analyze where exactly are the loose areas on the patient’s face. If you have a sagging neck or deep lines on your face, a full facelift may be a wiser choice to proceed. If signs of aging have not yet appeared fully and you want a minor correction, a mini facelift can be considered as a suitable solution.

The ideal patients for a mini facelift are usually in their age 30s, 40s, or early 50s. These patients have not much but little sagging in the lower part of their face and upper neck, and their bone structure is good and the fat reserve on the face is preserved. The name of the operation may create the perception that the operation is less invasive, but in reality, it should be treated like any other surgical approach.

The best advise while being evaluated for a mini facelift is research and to be educated on this issue, try to arrange a few meetings with your surgeon, so you can understand your needs and build trust.

The new techniques ensure that the results of these facial lifting surgeries are more natural, the scars are much shorter and the duration of the surgery is reduced.

How is Mini Facelift Surgery Performed? 

Facelift surgery is an operation performed in a hospital environment with general anesthesia. It is recommended that the patient stays in the hospital for 1 night. Facelift surgery is an operation performed with incisions made inside and behind the ear. In the surgery, these cuts are made without any visible scars as they are hidden in the natural curves and hairline. It can be performed with different combinations of operation (blepharoplasty, fat injection, temple lift etc.) according to the needs of the patient.

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