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Klinik Adresi

Nispetiye Caddesi Bıyıklı Mehmet Paşa Sokak No: 30, 34337, Etiler / İSTANBUL


+90 212 257 80 00





Commonly known as nose job, rhinoplasty has always been the most spotlighted cosmetic procedure by popular demand. Ironically, this is also a highly failed procedure. Revision rhinoplasty surgery rates are increasing day by day. We are uncovering what you need to know about rhinoplasty before proceeding.


This decision should not be taken lightly, after all, this would be a permanent change. Rhinoplasty is generally performed for the aesthetic appeal, secondary reason stands for functional problems like not being able to breathe. The goal here is to achieve well shaped appereance together with obtaining proper nasal air flow, of course keeping in mind the anatomical factors and the skin type. 


Keep your expectations to reality : THE CONSULTATION


Now, before proceeding of course you have an idea about your desired shape, but does it actually fit your face? This all comes down to what you discuss with your surgeon and how he/she guides you. Your surgeon must inform you about what would suit your face keeping in mind your desired shape. He/she should check inside and out of your nose and evaluate it very closely before informing you about your anatomy. GIVING HONEST FEEDBACK IS A MUST. You should always avoid surgeons who guarantee you your wish picture nose or a certain nose figure. SIMPLY BECAUSE, YOUR ANATOMICAL FEATURES ARE UNIQUELY DIFFERENT THAN SOMEONE ELSE.  One size does not fit for all! That is why, your surgeon should plan it according to your facial appereance. A surgery cannot guarantee the outcome %100. We always have to bear this in mind. The surgeon should always be honest about how he/she can work with that nose and inform you about the possible outcome alternatives about rhinoplasty surgery.       


           Surgeon’s skills


           You might be sure about your surgeon’s skills, however not all great surgeons end up with  

           the perfect results. If you have poor skin quality or weak cartilage support, you                      

           should not expect a perfect outcome. If you have a thick skin, you cannot expect to 

           achieve a perfectly defined tip, because the thick skin hides the actual beautiful   

           amendments that were performed. Your anatomy might ruin your dreams so discuss the 

           outcome realistically with your surgeon!


           Check your surgeon’s creditations, do your research


           Please make sure that your surgeon is board certified qualified. Board certification           

           guarantees that your surgeon is qualified to up to date techniques and has proven 

           themselves to succeed. For instance, Dr. Metin Kerem is a European board certified plastic    

           surgeon. You can reach his credentials via here:




           From this website, you can check if your surgeon is a qualified one or not.




           If you are a smoker, you should stop smoking at least 3 days before the surgery, of course   

           it is actually recommended to stop 2 weeks prior to your surgery date. Smoking has 

           nothing but only negative effects on the healing process in terms of scar quality and blood         

           circulation in the operated area. You should stop drinking alcohol and green tea 7 days 

           before the surgery and you should also stop taking aspirin or any other tablets containing   

           acetyl salycilic acid or other anticoagulants and vitamin E. You will also not eat or drink    

           anything 6 hours prior to your surgery time as you will recieve general anesthesia.


Oh god, I am having rhinoplasty! : THE SURGERY&THE RISKS


The surgeon here shapes up the cartilages&bones in the nose through an incision from the nostrils, nasal bone reshaping, cartilage reconstruction and nose tip refinement are common maneuvers of rhinoplasty operation. There are 2 techniques performed, open or closed rhinoplasty. This is something your surgeon should decide. All patients need different tecniques depended on their anatomy, and the only difference on your end between an open and a closed rhinoplasty operation is a 3-4 mm cut across the columella, which will be invisible after a few months.


The rhinoplasty surgery generally lasts around 1-3 hours. You would spend 1 night in the hospital. If you are living outside of Istanbul, Turkey, you are expected to stay in Turkey for 8 days after the rhinoplasty procedure. The rhinoplasty procedure is performed under general aneshtesia. The risks of this procedure involves bleeding and numbness. The biggest risk to be taken into consideration is the failed outcome, but if you are after realistic results and if your surgeon informed you in your face to face consultation about what to expect, then you should not worry at all, because your surgeon can only work with what he/she has. The anesthesia is given according to your height and weight, everything is measured and precautions are taken before your operation according to each special case. Before the operation starts, you go through a series of health tests, which analyzes if you are healthy enough to proceed or not. If something wrong is analyzed, precautions are taken against it. If it is such a serious problem that is going to prevent you to have the surgery, then you will not go through the surgery. 


Another detail here that, if this is going to be a revision rhinoplasty surgery, the conditions might get a bit more complicated and trickier. So, you should think twice if you are considering revision rhinoplasty. 




You just had rhinoplasty, what to expect? Now, you will be wearing an inner splint and an outer cast. The splint is removed on your 3rd post op check date and the cast is removed on the 7th post op check date. 


         First day after surgery


         Breathing through your mouth is very overwhelming, you are getting, swelled and bruised.


         Second day after surgery


         You start to regret this decision, you keep getting swelled and the bruises are becoming             

         more purple. 


         Third day after surgery


         The nasal splints are removed, starting to feel more relaxed. Oh wait, the bruises are getting    

         better too! I can go out for a coffee and get back to my daily routine.


         Fourth day after surgery


         The bruises have turned yellow and swelling is getting better. I am feeling good about myself 

         and starting to look better. 


         Fifth day after surgery


         The bruises are almost gone and the facial swelling is fading away, I am definitely not    

         regretting my decision. Nose is still swelled.


         Sixth day after surgery


         Just a little bruising left under eyes, facial swelling is almost gone but the nose is still   

         swelled. Ready to head back home!


          Seventh day after surgery


          The cast over my nose is removed, I am seeing results! This is just the beginning of this 

          journey, my nose is looking a bit more upward rotated than what I wanted and swelled too,      

          because I need time for my nose to settle, in around 1-3 months, I will see results and the 

          final result will be achieved once 1 year of healing process is completed. I can fly back 

          home on my 7th post op surgery date. I will be given a ‘you can fly’ document. My surgeon 

          also taped my nose for protection. I can go back to my daily life now.

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